FF173 – Food Grade Chain Spray H1

Highly efficient, long lasting, Safe, Non toxic, fling and drip resistant chain spray for food & pharmaceutical industries and any other clean application.


Designed for use in applications within food processing plants where incidental contact with food is possible, MDS Europe Food Grade Chain Spray is extremely versatile, with characteristics that make it particularly suited for general lubrication of links, pins, pivots, small bearings, drive chains and conveyor chains. FOOD GRADE CHAIN SPRAY contains special additives that extend re-lubrication intervals considerably; and does not contain any mineral oil.

Typical uses
FOOD GRADE CHAIN SPRAY is formulated for use in food and pharmaceutical factories where odour and contamination have to be eliminated wherever possible, FF173 meets these requirements and is particularly suitable for use on drive chains and conveyor chains and as a general lubricant which resists wash off and prevents corrosion. May be used anywhere within food and pharmaceutical industries requiring a high load resistant, water resistant, drip resistant lubricant.


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