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Highly concentrated lanolin spray for use on Boats, Cars, Machinery, Heavy Plant, Motorcycles, HGV’s, Offshore and anywhere corrosion prevention is essential. Specifically developed to provide thick film long lasting lanolin protection on metal which is corroded and/or prevent corrosion from forming in the harshest operating conditions. Penetrates deeply to prevent moisture traps. Leaves a protective film to waterproof and guard against corrosion. Lubricates – increases efficiency of working parts. AL01 ALPHALAN™ may safely be used on all surfaces to provide a fully water resistant coating, recommended for Off shore oil and marine applications. Contains more Lanolin solids than other liquids available currently, making ALPHALAN™ much longer lasting and more cost effective.
“BDX lubes everything beautifully without any dirt sticking to it” ” BDX stays in place longer than grease on our chains” “We re-lubricate less frequently” “Most importantly it is much safer, as we can re-lubricate without removing the guards” Chris Corley Quarry Site Supervisor

Brett Aggregates

“A farmer came into my yard for help removing an exhaust manifold & broken studs.” “I tried welding a bit of rod on, but that snapped too” “I tried BDX, after a few minutes I got a little movement, a bit more & got the broken studs & the other seized studs off, I couldn’t believe it” Jason Graham

Grahams Engineering

“We had tried everything – Heat – Pullers – Brute Force nothing worked” “A squirt of BDX top and bottom, left overnight, a light tap and off it came” “It just doesn’t get any better does it!” David Meredith Engineering Manager

Forterra Building Products


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