FF156A – Ultra Food Bearing Grease

Designed for use in food processing plants where incidental contact with food is possible, Ultra Food Bearing Grease covers a wide range of food safe applications.


FF156A easily copes with wet and saturated environments commonly found in food processing environments Ultra Food Bearing Grease provides unsurpassed protection from corrosion and lubricant loss due to superb resistance to wash out, in addition wear caused by heavily loaded applications (including shock loading and extreme shear loading) is reduced or even eliminated due to the exceptional anti-wear performance of this lubricant. Where there is a presence of dust and other contaminants the sealing properties of Ultra Food Bearing Grease provide unequalled protection for bearings and machine components. Suitable for plain bearings, linear bearings and anti-friction bearings, as well as sliding surfaces. Ultra Food Bearing Grease is extremely well suited to use in any industry, where cleanliness and performance are important. Available in NLGI No’s 2, 1, and 00 these greases suitable for use in a wide variety of applications.

Typical uses
One grease that can be used in most bearing applications within the food industry, designed to resist water washout. Ultra Food Bearing Grease offers excellent protection and extended bearing life Suitable for use in anti-friction and plain bearings, FF156A allows standardization across food safe applications.


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