FF176 – Food Grade Hydraulic Fluid VHVI

Synthetic Very High Viscosity Index Hydraulic fluid ensuring long life and excellent in-grade performance at all temperatures.


MDS Europe FOOD GRADE VHVI HYDRAULIC OILS are a food safe, non-toxic oils developed for hydraulic systems used in food, drink and pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment. Also suitable for other hydraulic systems where a clean, non-staining hydraulic oil is desired. These synthetic ester based fluids are designed to provide long life and optimum hydraulic performance across a wide load and temperature range. Increased hydraulic efficiency and cooler, cleaner running is normal from the first fill. The naturally Very High Viscosity Index base oils, used in the FF176 range of hydraulic fluids, ensure better in-grade characteristics, resisting over thinning of the fluids at high temperatures and over thickening of the fluids at low operating temperatures

Typical uses
MDS Food Grade Hydraulic Fluid is formulated for use in all hydraulic systems and tools found in the food and pharmaceutical industries. FF176 is NSF H1 registered. Providing excellent power transfer and anti-wear properties while eliminating deposit formation and valve sticking. Food Grade hydraulic fluids remove moisture from the system optimizing tool and equipment performance.


Data Sheets