FF174 – Food Grade Airline Fluid

Formulated specifically as Food Safe Airline Fluid to meet the stringent requirements of H1 incidental food contact whilst offering superb performance in pneumatic systems. FF174 is designed to “mist” in air systems avoiding drips and insufficient lubrication associated with multi-function fluids.


Food Grade Air Line Lubricant, specifically manufactured for optimum performance in pneumatic systems, unlike competitor products FF174 is NOT a compromise fluid. Other so called airline fluids are in fact 22 grade hydraulic/compressor fluids. Airline fluid should have a viscosity of less than 15 Cst to ensure correct “misting” and performance within the system. FF174 is designed to maximize air tool life and optimize pneumatic system performance by reducing wear, corrosion and deposits. Food Grade Air Line fluid contains an emulsifier to remove water from the air distribution system and to optimize tool performance. Specified by leading pneumatic hand tool suppliers FF174 is the ultimate airline fluid available for food machinery.

Typical uses
MDS Food Grade Air Line Lubricant is formulated for use in all air tools, air cylinders and lubricators. FF174 is NSF H1 registered. Providing excellent film strength and anti-wear properties while eliminating deposit formation and tool sticking. Food Grade Air Line Lubricant removes moisture from the air system optimizing tool performance.
Formulated with pharmaceutical grade oils and food grade additives that meet H1.


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