FF210 – Lubsolve Spray H1

The WORLDS FIRST Food Safe solvent cleaner registered H1 safe for incidental food contact whilst still offering superb cleaning performance.


LUBSOLVE H1 is a unique fluid designed to offer superb results when used as a solvent cleaner and also providing exceptionally light short-term lubrication without the risk of residual build up. Stringent manufacturing processes ensure the highest possible degree of purity making it ideal for use in food processing areas. In addition to use within the food industry it may be used in other environment requiring a clean odourless product. Not only does LUBSOLVE H1 out-perform competitor products in use, it is so pure that it meets the H1 requirements for products being used in food plants where incidental contact with food being prepared may occur.

Typical uses
MDS Lubsolve H1 is ideal for cleaning machinery, machine parts, tools, bearings before re-lubrication, hard surfaces etc. This highly effective solvent degreaser will leave parts dry and ready for service. May be used in food production areas whilst food is being produced, no need to stop production and/or cover or remove food. No odour & totally non-toxic.

FF210 is the only truly food safe aerosol solvent degreaser with H1 registration.

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