FF140R – Food Grade Over Head Rail Fluid

High quality oil combined with synthetic lubricity improvers, anti-corrosion, anti-wear, anti-oxidant and tackifier additives developed to provide safe, clean light lubrication and protection for overhead rails in food production plants without dripping onto foodstuffs.


FF140R is registered as an H1 lubricant suitable where incidental contact with food may occur and meets the former USDA H1 (1998) requirements. In addition FF140R Conforms to general purity standards. FF140R provides superb anti-wear, anti-corrosion and lubrication under extreme working conditions and heavy loads. The Very High Viscosity Index ensures the product can be used within an extremely wide temperature range without changing viscosity grade, this ensures exceptionally stable lubrication at all times. Extremely low evaporation loss in turn gives extended greatly extended re-lubrication intervals and ensures FF140R is exceptionally economical in use.

Typical uses
Either manually applied or applied via an automatic lubrication system. FF140R is specifically formulated for the lubrication of overhead rails and chains. Also ideal for any industry requiring clean effective lubrication of chains operating overhead.


Data Sheets