FF201 – Chemproof Food Bearing Grease

Designed for use in food processing plants where regular chemical wash-down can cause premature bearing failure and/or excessive re-lubrication due to grease wash-off.


Wet and saturated environments are commonly found in food processing environments ChemProof Food Bearing Grease provides unsurpassed protection from corrosion and lubricant loss due to superb resistance to wash out, particularly in the presence of highly alkaline or even caustic based chemical cleaning solutions, in addition wear caused by heavily loaded applications (including shock loading and extreme shear loading) is reduced or even eliminated due to the anti-wear performance of this lubricant. It is best suited for low to medium speed bearings operated under adverse conditions.

Typical uses
One grease that can be used in almost every bearing application within the food industry, designed to resist washout, particularly resistant to alkaline cleaning chemicals up to and including caustic solutions. Chemproof food grease offers excellent protection and extended bearing life. Suitable for use in anti-friction and plain bearings, FF201 offers exceptional levels of chemical resistance.


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