FF174D – Food Grade Divider Oil 3H

Meets the stringent requirements of 3H direct food contact whilst offering superb performance in divider oil applications. Contains no Soybean oil, Rapeseed oil, nor any known allergens.


Food Grade Divider Oil is specifically manufactured for optimum performance. Divider oil is used as a lubricating agent, allowing an efficient and accurate divider operation. Other divider fluids are based on blends which include oils such as rapeseed, soybean, lecithin (Soy Lecithin) and coconut oil – these fluids are all proven or are potentially allergenic and as such could cause issues for food manufacturers. FF174D is guaranteed free of all known allergens and generically modified ingredients.

Typical uses
MDS Food Grade Divider Fluid is formulated for use in all divider oil applications either manual or used through automatic lubricators. FF174D is NSF 3H registered. Providing excellent film strength and non-stick properties while eliminating deposit formation and tool sticking. Food Grade Divider Oil removes moisture from blades optimizing tool performance. may also be used as a blade sharpening oil. Formulated with pharmaceutical grade oils that meet H1 and 3H direct contact requirements.


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