FF213 Superlite FG

Developed to offer excellent light effective lubrication, protection and de-watering of string tying machinery within food manufacturing plants. SuperLite FG will also provide corrosion and wear protection for a wide range of machinery requiring a thin coating of extremely light, non-tacky oil.


FF213 is a long lasting, highly effective H1 food safe oil developed to provide safe, clean, light lubrication and protection for string tying and other machinery within food manufacturing plants. FF213 is registered with the INS as H1 and meets the former USDA H1 (1998) requirements. Highly water resistant FF213 provides exceptional corrosion resistance and excellent anti-wear capabilities. Designed to minimise wear and enhance system performance by reducing friction, corrosion and minimise oily deposits. Food Grade Based on fully synthetic esters with the latest additive technology to ensure optimum performance in a wide range of operating conditions and temperatures.

Typical uses
FF213 SuperLite FG may be used as a very light lubricant and de-watering spray in food processing plants and is ideal for the lubrication and protection of string tying machinery. FF213 may be used universally in applications requiring effective thin film lubrication with the minimum of oily residue.

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