FF169 – Rust Neutralising Primer Spray

The world’s first and only one coat combination Rust Neutraliser and High Build Primer in one. totally unique easy to use repair finish for corroded/rusted components and sheeting, unlike normal primers and paints which will allow new rust formation and break though within a relatively short period



FF169 forms a permanent coating by converting the surface corrosion into magnetite which, through chemical reaction, is bonded onto the metal surface. This product ensures a permanent repair which will provide years of service once it has been over-coated by either our Powder Coating Repair Spray or our Galvanizing Repair Spray. Surfaces should have any loose surface corrosion and/or paint removed by shot blasting, wire brush or other means to ensure the coating is applied only to firmly adherent rust. It is essential to NOT remove all traces of corrosion from the surface to be treated, as a firm corroded base is required by the product to ensure it reacts and bonds to the treated surface.

Typical uses
A one-step rust neutraliser and primer spray for the restoration of corroded metal surfaces and components. Provides a superb base before final coating takes places. Gives the appearance of high build red zinc primer once dried. To ensure optimum protection of metal components, cladding or sheet a top coat must be applied. FF169 is ideal for the preparation of powder coated and galvanised surfaces after damage, cutting, welding and/or grinding before the application of MDS Galvanising or Powder Coating Repair sprays.