FF100A – Ultra Safe Food Grease 3H Aerosol

The world’s first Aerosol spray grease designed to meet the stringent 3H requirements for lubricants which directly contact food during processing.


Specifically developed to lubricate machine parts which come into direct contact with food, for example blades in mincing machinery, this grease is also suitable for use across a range of food safe applications including slides guides etc. Ultra-Safe Food Grease 3H Aerosol contains Extreme Pressure (EP) additives and solid lubricants to provide anti-wear performance. Please note that for extremely high or low temperature, wet saturated environments, heavily loaded applications and where there is a presence of dust and other contaminants it may be recommended to use one of the other food safe aerosols in our range. All ingredients are FDA listed. Suitable for plain and anti-friction bearings as well as sliding surfaces. Ultra Safe is extremely well suited to use in any industry, where cleanliness and performance are important.

Typical uses

Finding a grease suitable for the lubrication of mince machinery blades, plates, slicers and all other direct food contact applications, has, for many years, been one of the most difficult challenges facing maintenance and production managers within food production companies. MDS Europe registered the worlds first 3H aerosol spray grease FF100A in August 2010. It was then and remains the original and in the opinion of our customers the best product on the market to meet the safety requirements and exceed the performance expectations in critical direct contact food applications.


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