FF164 – Greensafe Hydraulic Oil

High performance, environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid and lubricating oil based on selected, saturated synthetic esters, Type HEES according to VDMA 24568. Greensafe HVI meets the requirements of the UK Environment Agency for Environmentally Acceptable Hydraulic Oils.


Green-safe will not attack hydraulic hoses or gaskets like conventional oils, therefore leakage risk is reduced. In the event of a spill grass kill will be avoided, even if oil is hot provided spill area is well flushed with clean water. Green-safe will not contaminate soil.

Typical uses
GREENSAFE HVI is ideal for use on GOLF COURSES TO PREVENT SOIL CONTAMINATION AND GRASS KILL (Hot oil must be cooled with cold water or grass may suffer temporary heat damage). GREENSAFE hydraulic oil can be used universally in all hydraulic and general lubricating systems. Is suitable for all mobile and stationary hydraulic systems. This product should always be used in industrial applications whenever there is a danger of soil or water pollution following a leak or spillage.