FF149 – Extra Life Copper Anti-Seize

This compound overcomes galling on assembly and reduces dismantling torque. It is suitable for use, as an anti-seize, up to 1100°C and will protect against seizure due to corrosion and chemical attack.


FF149 is a specialised lubricant for threaded connections in a wide range of arduous working conditions. FF149 Copper Anti-Seize is particularly suited to extreme wet conditions even when submerged in sea water environments. Whilst being copper based FF149 is reinforced with graphite improve performance in all applications and is particularly effective in applications where “standard” copper based anti-seize products fail to perform. Extremely resistant to water and aggressive chemicals such as found in off-shore applications, quarries, construction sites, fertiliser manufacturing sites etc.

Typical uses
High performance anti-seize suitable for applications including pipe-fitting and valve fitting in the chemical and the petrochemical industry, gas refinery and oil drilling equipment. Heavily loaded wheel stud fitting and a multitude of anti-seize and anti-gall applications. FF149 has also found limited use in plain bearings – specifically kiln car lubrication.