FF156C Telescopic Crane Boom Grease

Using the latest in lubrication technology, FF156C has been designed specifically to offer unparalleled performance when applied to telescopic crane booms on mobile or lattice cranes.

Ideal grease for the long term lubrication of mobile telescopic and lattice cranes.

Specifically designed for use on telescopic booms MDS Europe Telescopic Crane Boom grease offers exceptionally long re- lubrication intervals – typically 4 months, eliminates “stick – slip” when extending and retracting booms, offers smoother telescopic operation and provides superb protection from corrosion and wear.


Typical uses

Ideal grease for the long term lubrication of mobile telescopic and lattice cranes. Exceptionally long life grease which may be applied in a variety of ways to suit existing maintenance schedules. Suitable for all cranes operating under dusty and dirty conditions, as well direct exposure to adverse weather conditions, such as humidity, rain and wide temperature variations, the lubricating film remains intact even after repeated movement and in the most difficult and demanding working environments.

> Greatly extends lubrication intervals – ensuring maximum cost savings in grease consumption
> Easy to use cartridges, and drums.
> Exceptional water resistance & anti-corrosion agents protect & extend wear pad life
> Excellent EP performance provides protection against premature wear
> Suitable for brush-on, spray-on or roller application
> Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces reduces lubricant usage
> High load carrying and impact resistance properties – prolongs component life
> Resistant to salt water and chemicals

Telescopic Crane Boom Grease should be applied sparingly as a thin film using a brush or roller, also suitable for application via the Eco-Lube Spray System, ask for details. Surfaces must be cleaned well before application.