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Bulldog BDX (Bulk)

Rarely do we see a genuine combination of innovation, technology and effectiveness enter the lubricants market in such a dynamic way that it is “a game changer”. BDX is one of those rare products that should really be called a tool as opposed to a lubricant.

Available in 5 litre & 25 litre Drums


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BDX incorporates a finely tuned blend of the latest anti-friction/anti-wear technology incorporating ceramic reinforced PTFE and the latest additives to deliver outstanding performance values offering exceptionally low coefficient of friction and exceptional levels of wear protection in a wide operating temperature range (-40 to +280°C). BDX is non-toxic and odour free. This unique combination of high performance & multi-functionality allows BDX to be the go to product that should be seen as a first option solution for most applications.






“BDX lubes everything beautifully without any dirt sticking to it” ” BDX stays in place longer than grease on our chains” “We re-lubricate less frequently” “Most importantly it is much safer, as we can re-lubricate without removing the guards” Chris Corley Quarry Site Supervisor

Brett Aggregates

“A farmer came into my yard for help removing an exhaust manifold & broken studs.” “I tried welding a bit of rod on, but that snapped too” “I tried BDX, after a few minutes I got a little movement, a bit more & got the broken studs & the other seized studs off, I couldn’t believe it” Jason Graham

Grahams Engineering

“We had tried everything – Heat – Pullers – Brute Force nothing worked” “A squirt of BDX top and bottom, left overnight, a light tap and off it came” “It just doesn’t get any better does it!” David Meredith Engineering Manager

Forterra Building Products

“The boss and myself where trying to undo a seized solid fitting on a steam boiler, we were both swinging on it with big shifting wrenches.” “I sprayed on a little BDX in a couple of minutes I was able to undo it myself” “It’s like night and day compared to what we used to use” Gary Henderson

Shetland Fish Processors