FF149A – Aluminium Antiseize Compound

Premium quality anti-seize compound containing soft aluminium solid lubricant. This compound overcomes galling on assembly and reduces dismantling torque. It is suitable for use, as an anti-seize, up to 760°C and will protect against seizure due to corrosion and chemical attack.


FF149A is a specialised lubricant developed for use on applications on aluminium fasteners requiring low sulphur, chlorine and fluorine levels, thus reducing corrosion. This compound is formulated to be used in extreme environments of heat up to 760oC, and is excellent for protection of threaded connections, exposed surfaces and flanges. ALUMINIUM ANTISEIZE COMPOUND is compatible with plastics and metals.

Typical uses
High performance anti-seize suitable for applications including pipe-fitting and valve fitting in the chemical and the petrochemical industry, gas refinery and oil drilling equipment. Heavily loaded wheel stud fitting and a multitude of anti-seize and anti-gall applications involving aluminium and stainless steel.