FF138 – Solvent Cleaner Plus

Powerful industrial strength solvent de-greaser, cuts through grease, oil, grime, brake and clutch residues with ease and dries quickly allowing components to be returned to service immediately.


FF138 is a unique fluid designed to offer superb results when used as a solvent cleaner, instantly dissolving grease and oil from almost any surface. Safe on most metals, rubbers, polymers and plastics, users are advised to test on delicate surfaces before use. When used as a clutch and brake cleaner, unlike most clutch and brake cleaner sprays which allow harmful brake dust to be blown around the work area, FF138 traps harmful dust and contaminants and flows to the floor before evaporating away leaving a perfectly clean surface. Non-toxic FF138 makes the ideal replacement for 1,1,1-Trichloroethane and cleaners containing n-hexane.

Typical uses
High performance de-greaser removes heavy contamination such as oils, greases, bitumen, wet paints, adhesives and sealants from plant, equipment and components. Compatible with most metals, plastics, rubbers and polymers. Excellent clutch and brake cleaner, use on brake parts: drum & disc brakes, lining material, brake pads, block pads, springs, cylinders, machinery parts etc.


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