FF190 – Synthetic High Temp 2

Premium quality high temperature grease for plain and anti-friction bearings, designed to withstand high temperatures (up to 220°C) over extended periods without leaving dry residues associated with conventional types of thickeners used in high temperature greases.


FF190 offers exceptional lubrication in a wide variety of applications including high speed, heavily loaded and extreme temperature applications. SYNTHETIC HIGH TEMP. 2 also provides excellent lubrication at sub-zero and ambient temperatures making this lubricant extremely versatile in its applications. Does not contain Bentone/Organically modified clay (which hardens in bearings at elevated temperatures). In addition the Synthetic base oil used in FF190 will not carbonise, whilst many grease products which are supplied for high temperature applications are based on mineral oil or a mixture of mineral oil and synthetic fluids which form abrasive carbon deposits when subjected to sustained high temperatures (over 160°C).

Typical uses
Finding a grease suitable for the lubrication of plain and anti-friction bearings working in a wide range of conditions has always been one of the most difficult challenges facing maintenance and production managers/fitters within all industries. Use in place of standard High temperature, High speed and Ep2/Multi-purpose grease in a huge range of applications and across a wide temperature range. This extremely versatile grease allows standardization across a huge range of applications and working conditions allowing users to minimize the number of grease products they stock and eliminate the possibility of incorrect lubricants being used in critical applications.