FF103B – Multilube Bulk

Highly effective blend of penetrating and lubricating fluids, water dispersing agents and corrosion inhibitors.


Specifically developed to lubricate and release parts which are corroded and/or seized. Instantly displaces all water from damp or wet components. Penetrates deeply to prevent moisture traps. Leaves a protective film to waterproof and guard against corrosion. Lubricates – increases efficiency of working parts. FF103B Multi-Lube may be used as a very effective solvent cleaner/degreaser and to break down residual deposits of old lubricants. Use on all ignition systems, electrical, electronic and engineering components including – electric motors, generators, relays, coils, switches, terminals, telephonic and general communication equipment, tools and machinery, motor cars, general transport, boats etc. highly recommended for Off shore oil and marine applications.

Typical uses
Penetrates and helps free seized threads and bearings. Protects against further corrosion. Cleans grime from threads and components. Pre-spray electrical connections to prevent short circuiting due to water. Can even be used on damp connections to displace problem causing moisture. Clean tools, machine parts and equipment.