FF114PC – Powder Coating Repair Spray

The world’s first Aerosol repair compound for Powder Coated surfaces, the only product to use when a professional finish matters. Don’t paint – repair and renovate powder coating with FF114PC.



Specifically developed to effectively repair damaged or cut powder coated surfaces, one-step repair spray for the protection and colour coding of powder coated and/or galvanised metal components, cladding or sheet. May also be applied to plastisol sheeting. FF114PC is ideal for the restoration of the finish of powder coated surfaces after cutting, welding and grinding. FF114PC is totally unique, easy to use and permanent one coat repair finish for powder coated components and sheeting. Unlike paint touch ups which will crack and/or peel away within a relatively short period, allowing corrosion to form, FF114PC forms a permanent vinyl resin flexible coating which will not become brittle and crack or peel away from the surface which has been repaired. This product ensures a permanent repair which will provide years of service in any conditions. Resistant against aqueous alkaline and acid solutions FF114PC will ensure a long lasting professional repair to a wide variety of surfaces.

Typical uses
Repairing powder coating after cutting, welding or accidental damage has broken the surface. Ideal for all situations including; New installations, renovating existing powder coating or to match-in small components which have not been originally powder coated. MDS powder coating repair spray eliminates the problems associated with using paint on powder coated surfaces i.e. splitting, cracking and corrosion, which will always occur if repairs are carried out using paint.