FF108 – Viscous Gear Lube

Extremely tenacious lubricant originally designed for use on open gears, proven to work exceptionally on telescopic slides and guides displays outstanding anti-wear and load carrying capabilities.


Especially recommended for the engineering, construction, mine and off shore oil industries designed to provide extended re-lubrication intervals in a wide range of arduous working conditions. Viscous Gear Lube is suitable for use in heavily loaded anti-sliding surfaces and chains and has exceptional load carrying capacity which promotes long component life. Viscous Gear Lube is extremely resistant to water and aggressive chemicals such as found in off-shore applications, quarries, construction sites, fertiliser manufacturing sites etc.

Typical uses
High performance aerosol suitable for the lubrication of telescopic slides and guides working in a wide range of adverse conditions in the most difficult and challenging environments facing maintenance and production managers/fitters within all industries. Use in place of solid grease to reduce product waste. FF108 will not attract dirt , grit and dust. Spray onto the first 30cm of the extended boom close to the wear pads, then retract the boom drawing the lube onto the wear pads and effectively lubricating the moving parts.