FF155B – Concrete Remover

The ideal product for cleaning and descaling brick, stone and concrete, quarry tiles etc. and for metal de-rusting.


Removes cement and plaster splashes – ideal for initial cleaning. Cleans and etches concrete floors, ensures effective ‘key’ for seal application. Removes industrial grime and stains from brick and stone exterior. De-scales and de-rusts metals prior to painting.

Typical uses
FF155B is Ideal as a pre-paint preparation for concrete floors. Removes oil, powdery concrete and grease deposits in one operation. Also recommended for removal of residues from cement working tools such as mixers, trowels, floats and forms etc. Inhibited to prevent attack on base metal. When used to de-rust metal exceptional results have been realised, particularly suited to de-rusting the hulls of ships before repainting.