FF184 – Open Gear Grease 2.5

Designed to meet the demands of lubricating open gears and plain bearings found in many heavy industries. FF184 is unmatched in its resistance to Shock Load, High Load, Shear Load, Dirt & Dust and Wet working conditions.


Specially developed Heavy Duty grease fortified with high levels of molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) and graphite solid film lubricants for applications where grease is required to cope with the most arduous conditions, including high loads, shock loading, wet and temperature extremes. Aluminium complex soap thickened grease based on solvent refined hydrocarbon oil incorporating solid lubricants, polymers, extreme pressure additives, and a blend of antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors, combining to provide highly effective lubrication with excellent corrosion protection. This lubricant is bitumen free.

Typical uses
OPEN GEAR GREASE 2.5 has been specially developed for the lubrication of all types and sizes of open gears, including spur, helical and bevel drive gears that are subjected to extreme loads, high working temperatures and saturated conditions. Designed to exceed the performance expectations of the most demanding customers in the most difficult working environments.


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