FF163 – Food Grade Penetrant H1

Efficient, Safe, Non toxic, water displacing and corrosion resistant penetrating spray for food & pharmaceutical industries and any other clean application.


Designed for use in applications within food processing plants where incidental contact with food is possible, MDS Europe Food Penetrant and Release Spray is a versatile, non-toxic, fast acting, penetrating lubricant which also provides a degree of corrosion protection. Apply to corroded threaded fasteners and other seized components. FF163 will quickly drive moisture away from surfaces including sensors and electrical components preventing short circuits – DO NOT spray onto live electrics, disconnect from supply before use and ensure all propellant vapour has dissipated before reconnecting electrical supply.

Typical uses
Food Penetrant and Release Oil is formulated for use in food and pharmaceutical factories where odour and contamination have to be eliminated wherever possible, FF163 meets these requirements and is particularly suitable for use on tight or seized nuts, bolts and screws etc. Ideal as a water displacing spray for metal and electrics, and, as a light lubricant for use on string tying machines etc.

Data Sheets