FF147 – Ultra High Performance Gear Oil

ULTRA HI-PERFORMANCE GEAR OILS are produced from the latest semi-synthetic technology and includes highly effective extreme pressure agents and tackiness additives.


FF147 is advanced lubricating oil employing the latest developments in surface protection and viscosity control. It meets or exceeds the requirements of MIL-L2105G and the gear oil specifications of the major motor manufacturers, including DIN 51 502. Ultra high performance FF147 employs specialised ‘positive tracking’ additives which resist and even overcome the centrifugal forces that cause ‘throw-off’ with conventional chain and gear oil. These components also maintain a vital lubricant film to protect equipment in the first critical seconds of start-up when most wear occurs. In addition FF147 is non-soluble in water and prevents the detrimental effects pertaining to emulsification of gear box lubricants.

Typical uses
These products have the ability to maintain viscosity characteristics over a wide temperature range from arctic to tropical. ULTRA HI-P GEAR OILS are suitable for use as primary automotive gear lubricants recommended for ‘make-up’ and complete refill of all passenger cars, trucks, conventional differentials, transmissions and steering gears. Semi Synthetic Gear Oils have the ability to be used in limited slip axles, manual transmissions and combined final drive applications. Also suited for industrial gearboxes and reduction units working under high load and temperature conditions.