FF117 – Food Plant Spray Grease H1

High performance, caustic wash-down resistant food safe spray grease designed to meet the stringent H1 requirements for lubricants which may come into incidental contact with food during processing.


Designed for use in applications within food processing plants where incidental contact with food is possible, MDS Europe Food Plant Spray Grease is premium quality long lasting synthetic food grade grease, for use in all anti-friction, plain bearings, slides and guides found in food processing machinery. Totally resistant to aggressive chemical wash off including concentrated caustic solutions. FF117 will outlast other aerosol grease many times over in arduous conditions, particularly in areas effected by harsh chemical wash down. Food Plant Spray Grease offers superb protection against corrosion often caused by aggressive chemical wash down in food processing and packaging plants.

Typical uses
Ideal for the instantaneous lubrication of machine parts, bearings, chains and slides, conveyors, shafts and couplings on food mixers and cutting equipment, ovens and all general food processing and packaging equipment. May be used as a protective anti-corrosion coating. Extremely useful for small bearings which do not have a grease nipple on their housing. Perfect when an even light film of grease is required making it extremely economical in use.


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