FF132 – 50 Centi-Stoke Silicone Oil

Fully synthetic FF132 contains no hydro-carbons or mineral oil it cannot carbonise or polymerise, therefore ensuring total cleanliness in operation and a minimum of 4 times service life over “standard” heat exchange fluids.


MDS Europe 50 cSt Heat Exchange Fluid provides even heat exchange to ensure superb results in the production of plastics, it alleviates entirely the problems associated with mineral oil and hydro-carbon fluids allowing carbon deposit build-up i.e. blocked pipes and filters and increased electricity costs due to carbon build-up on heating elements. FF132 provides improved control of temperature and, due to superb oxidation resistance, the option to operate at higher temperatures than “standard” heat exchange fluids. In addition the increased stability of FF132 allows for greatly extended change intervals ensuring economy in use (at normal operating temperatures e.g. 180°C, a four fold increase in service life can be expected). In addition FF132 is entirely compatible with the seals commonly found in extrusion machinery ensuring component longevity.

Typical uses
Ideal for use as heat exchange fluid in any industry, 50 cSt Heat Exchange Fluid is used extensively in the production of extruded plastics. FF132 is particularly useful in the production of semi-finished sheet plastics, it ensures an even finish on sheet produced through calendar rollers, therefore reducing wastage associated with spoiling.