FF131B – Ultra-Temp 280 Chain Oil

Thermally stable fluid has been specifically designed to operate at temperatures up to 280°C associated with applications such as conveyor chains on bakery ovens, paint stoving lines and moving hotplates.


Ultra Temp Chain Fluid 280 is a free flowing non-carbonising, exceptionally low volatility, totally synthetic fluid containing special anti-oxidants and corrosion resisting additives. FF131B offers greatly improved protection and longer lubricating intervals when compared to petroleum oil, diester or polyolester-polymer mix high temperature chain lubricants. Offering cleaner lubrication than graphite and/or Mos2 chain lubricants. FF131B is formulated utilising a combination of synthetic esters and the latest antioxidant additives technology which ensures the highest performance in terms of thermal stability, low evaporation loss and minimal deposit formation. Extremely low evaporation loss in turn gives extended greatly extended re-lubrication intervals and ensures FF131B is exceptionally economical in use.

Typical uses
Either manually applied or applied via an automatic lubrication system. FF131B is ester based, high temperature chain oil specifically formulated for the lubrication of bakery oven chains operating at temperatures up to 280°C. Also ideal for any industry requiring clean effective lubrication of chains operating at extremely high temperatures.