FF127 – Rust Protector

Extremely long lasting protective corrosion preventing wax coating for use on machinery which operates in exceptionally aggressive conditions, or which is being laid up for extended periods.


A long term protective wax film for protection of all metal parts, moulds, tools and components. Designed as a lay-up protector for all types of metal surfaces it can be spray coated to provide a water resistant long term protective coating, which displaces water and moisture, providing a tough flexible durable coating, effective for protection on all metals including chassis and box section. Ideal for use for both inside (FF127 will protect indefinitely) and outside storage (protects against corrosion for 12 months plus) to give long term protection against the elements and can be removed with cleaning solvent, white spirits, paraffin or thinners.

Typical uses
Ideal for use on static or mobile plant, vehicles, tools and any machinery that requires long term protection in all conditions. Will protect machinery and parts exposed to weathering for up to 12 months and machinery that is stored under cover indefinitely. May be used on any surface including paint, chrome, brass, etc. Safe for use on most plastics and rubbers.