FF141 – Ter-affic 8x Vehicle Wash

Hyper Concentrate TFR is the most cost effective way to clean as they are diluted many times enabling the user to make the strength to suit the task in hand. There are other benefits including minimal transport costs, smaller space requirement and the flexibility to mix to the users strength.


Hyper Concentrate vehicle wash is the base TFR and is the final manufacturing stage prior to diluting to make the various strengths. Hyper Concentrates (HC) are rarely sold by Traffic Film Remover manufacturers as they are classed as ‘trade secrets’. However HC Traffic Film Removers can save the end user over 50% with a vast saving being in Packaging, Space and Transport.

Typical uses
Under normal conditions, the dwell time is between 1 to 3 minutes (or many apply the TFR all over the vehicle and come back to the start point and use this time to get round the vehicle as the dwell time) The following dilution rates apply to the different applications assuming the pressure washer has chemical injection and the mix rate via the injection is 1:10.