FF195 – Brisket Saw Oil

Exceptionally pure Food Safe Oil designed to meet the stringent requirements of Brisket saw lubrication in water saturated conditions.


SYNTHETIC BRISKET SAW OIL is a unique blend of Polyalphaolefin and other synthetic fluids combined with a complete anti-friction and anti-wear package, producing non-toxic oil developed for brisket saws used in Meat production. Recommended for use in all Brisket saws with an oil bath lubricated drive mechanism. FF195 resists emulsification extend tool life and improving cutting efficiency.

Typical uses
FF195 Synthetic Brisket Saw Oil should be used as a lubricant in brisket saws operating in food processing facilities. FF195 is registered H1 safe for incidental contact with food during production. Recommended by leading suppliers of Brisket saws.


Data Sheets