FF136 – Solvall Heavy Duty Degreaser

Powerful cleaner/degreaser, which rapidly removes grease and dirt from a variety of hard surfaces. Removes wax build-up from floors. Dissolves grease and oil deposits when used as an Engine and Industrial plant cleaner. Removes tar and bitumen easily.


SOLVALL is a specially formulated degreaser, which is widely used in industry and the automotive trade. Its solvents rapidly penetrate oil and grease deposits and its detergents enable emulsification and rinsing with water, in addition Solvall will remove wax and swarf with its powerful solvent action. FF136 will not damage metals and is safe on most plastics; however, some rubber may be adversely affected. Ideal for cleaning car and marine engine parts, industrial machine cleaning, component degreasing etc.

Typical uses
Solvall is ideal for removal of old wax from floors. It may also be used as a brush or spray on, hose off degreasant for engines and greasy metal parts. Solvall also removes oil and diesel spillages from concrete and brick floors.


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