FF128 – Super Blue High Temperature Grease

Super Blue is versatile high performance grease based on solvent refined mineral oil with a synthetic seam buffer, not to be confused with standard Ep2 Lithium and Lithium Complex greases. Don’t use just any blue grease – make sure you ask for Super Blue grease, performance is built in.


Super Blue includes a tackiness additive (poly-isobutylene) to improve adhesion of the grease to metal surfaces. Specially formulated to provide excellent long life and high temperature lubrication performance. FF128 possesses EP (extreme –pressure) load carrying properties and contains additives to enhance resistance to oxidation, corrosion and wear. Designed to meet Timken (Europe) requirements for commercial vehicle bearings. It has significantly longer life than conventional lithium and lithium complex soap thickened greases especially when used at temperatures around 120°C. Operating temperature range –30°C to +200°C. (220°C in bursts)

Typical uses
Finding a grease suitable for the lubrication of plain and anti-friction bearings working in a wide range of conditions has always been one of the most difficult challenges facing maintenance and production managers/fitters within all industries. Use in place of standard Ep2/Multi-purpose grease in a huge range of applications and across a wide temperature range. Superblue has also been proven to outperform many so called specialised “marine” greases in stern tubes and deck applications on ocean going tugs and ferries between the Shetland Islands and mainland Scotland. Designed to exceed the performance expectations of the most demanding customers in a host of various difficult working environments.