Bulldog FGX

Typical uses
FGX01 BULLDOG FGX™ Aerosol may be used as a long term lubricant, penetrant and rust preventer in food processing plants and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. Chain lubrication, guides and slides, small oil lubricated roller bearings, linear slide bearings etc. Suited to use on overhead chains when requiring a light non-tacky, non-drip fluid. Prevents corrosion and stops existing rust spreading. Unique formulation with added lanolin.


Exceptionally effective Food Safe fluid designed to offer excellent lubrication, prevents corrosion forming and/or spreading . Suitable for a wide range of applications. Light non-tacky formulation.

A unique highly efficient, versatile and effective lubricant/penetrant and protective product, which Incorporates the latest anti-wear and anti-friction technology along with LANOLIN for superb anti corrosion protection. FGX™ provides the ultimate In protection and lubricating performance for the food industry.
BULLDOG FGX™ eliminates moisture and prevents corrosion leaving a clean and lubricated surface. Use as a long term lubricant on chains, small bearings, slides, guides and a multitude of machine parts and as superb release agent for even heavily corroded parts. FGX™ contains lanolin to seal out moisture and prevent existing corrosion from spreading.

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