FF209 – Hammer & Chisel Paste

Ultra Hammer & Chisel Paste will outlast conventional rock hammer greases several times over in arduous working conditions and offers outstanding anti-wear and load carrying capabilities.


Ultra Hammer & Chisel Paste is premium quality extremely stable calcium sulfonate thickened grease designed to provide extended re-lubrication intervals and provides superior lubrication of hydraulic hammers. It is fortified with over 10% copper and graphite solids and provides excellent protection under extreme pressures and high temperatures. MDS Europe Ultra Hammer & Chisel Paste utilizes the latest extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. This paste has excellent high temperature, extreme pressure, and heavy load carrying capabilities. Ultra Hammer & Chisel Paste also features the maximum >800KG weld score on the four ball EP (Extreme Pressure) test and offers unrivalled performance and protection for Rock Breakers.

Typical uses
High performance paste suitable for the lubrication of rock breakers working in a wide range of adverse conditions in the most difficult and challenging environment . Use in place of standard rock hammer grease. Ultra Hammer & Chisel Paste will outperform commonly used greases in the most demanding conditions in a huge range of the most difficult working environments.